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Region Matters When It Comes to HSA Funding, CDHP Adoption | New York Employee Benefits

May 12th, 2015   |   by admin   |   in Health Insurance, Health News

By Bill Olson Chief Marketing Officer at United Benefit Advisors We’ve already discussed Health Savings Account (HSA) activity at length, looking first at the correlation between generous HSA contributions and increased enrollment in consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs). Second, we looked at how HSAs have performed in recent years across different industries. Now, we’ll look closer […]

HRAs, HSAs, and Health FSAs – What’s the Difference? | NY Benefits Broker

April 30th, 2015   |   by admin   |   in Industry News, Surveys

By Danielle Capilla Chief Compliance Officer at United Benefit Advisors Health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), health savings accounts (HSAs) and health care flexible spending accounts (HFSAs) are generally referred to as account-based plans. That is because each participant has their own account, at least for bookkeeping purposes. Under the tax rules, amounts may be contributed to […]