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About ConnectSource

ConnectSource was established in 2005 out of the identification of the need to provide a missing link to benefit management platforms–the management of deployment and support. In collaboration with numerous employee benefit firms with the expertise and experience of working with clients through the implementation,

ConnectSource was created providing clients with both the technology and benefits expertise.

ConnectSource has been successfully working with brokers and consultants bringing a high level of services to their clients with their benefit/HRIS platforms.

ConnectSource has built value by….

  • Providing support to hundreds of clients ranging in size from 25 to 5,000 plus
  • Working with more than 35 benefit consulting firms
  • Transferring of data to over 100 benefit carriers, third party administrators and payroll software vendors

 Why ConnectSource?

  • ConnectSource is an industry leader in benefit administration technology deployment and management
  • ConnectSource has created a platform for the modern broker with a multi solution approach offering their clients a wide array of options and features
  • ConnectSource provides an a la carte model providing service from demo to project implementation to carrier feeds to total post implementation support
  • ConnectSource provides the consultative approach to platform selection offering the broker a valuable resource when the client wants to determine the proper solution
  • ConnectSource creates an extension of the broker’s IT staff with support services that the broker could not cost efficiently provide internally
  • ConnectSource creates a bridge between the business process the broker owns and the techno-speak the BenAdmin software firms own.
Connect Source Inc

Leadership Team

Pierre Lauzon

Pierre's experience in the computer software field in engineering and management started in 1995. Pierre has worked in the Benefits Technology field since 2001. An expert in implementing and managing InfinityHR and other platforms to suit the client HR process, Pierre has many close relationships with consultants and brokerage firms as well as benefits carriers creating synergy to maximize the employee enrollment process.

Pierre graduated from The College of Charleston in 1987 with a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Computer Science and French, and a Minor in Business.

He was inducted in The College of Charleston Athletic Hall of Fame in 2002.

As a founder of ConnectSource in 2005, Pierre is the majority shareholder.

Randy Mangolt

Randy is an experienced senior manager with 25-plus years of experience in a wide variety of settings, including information technology, accounting, and financial management.

Randy is responsible for all financial and administrative functions. In addition, he is involved with project implementations, EDI, and client support.

Randy has a Master of Mathematics degree and holds a Chartered Accountant designation (the Canadian equivalent of a CPA).

Ashley Jones

Ashley has been involved in the technology arena starting in 2000 with Administration/Finance and led the effort to grow the EDI department at BenefitFocus until 2003 when she became EDI manager until her departure in 2007.

Ashley oversees the implementation and EDI of all projects across the multiple platforms ConnectSource supports.

Ashley graduated from the University of Kentucky with Arts Administration degree and from The Citadel with a Masters of Business Administration in 2004.

Ashley is a CrossFit enthusiast with her husband, Mark, and 2 boys.

Connect Source Inc

ConnectSource - Bridging the Business Process

ConnectSource bridges benefits platform with vendors through our depth of experience and expertise in benefit administration deployment and management. Our profound knowledge of the technological intricacies of both benefit platforms and vendor systems allows ConnectSource to connect clients in a manner that eliminates duplication entry efforts and errors.

Clients are looking for expertise in recommendations for benefits enrollment and administration options. At ConnectSource we provide the consulting expertise to enable brokers and consultants to bring comprehensive solutions to their clients to meet their current and future needs.

  • platforms
  • connection
  • expertise
  • service
  • implementation
  • relationships
Platforms – Our platforms are purposely chosen to provide different features and functions to meet the needs of all-sizes of employers. This allows brokers to identify current, future and unique needs of clients and to make sound recommendations to achieve their needs and unique desires today and into the future.
Connection – Our singlesource point of contact affords clients the ultimate connection experience. Each client is assigned a single point of contact eliminating the need to reiterate your specific needs and related issues. You will know who is going to answer your call. Your singlesource contact is familiar with you, your implementation and your service requirements and will be there from implementation forward. We know any company can get you connected, but to meet your needs with people who care, understand and solve your problems is unique and our employees bring that to you.
Expertise – ConnectSource employees are experts in benefit administration technology deployment and management. We understand each client is unique and manage each client with customized solutions to meet their needs. Each of our solutions is designed to be customized to meet your requirements:

  • Client Demo
  • Implementation Meeting
  • Project Management
  • Data Management
  • On-Going Support
  • Carrier Feeds and Error Reports
  • Renewal Management and Migration
Service – ConnectSource employees understand frustration—we ease that frustration through proactively being an extension of your human resources. It is a relief to know we are here to guide you and assist you in completing the simplest and most difficult tasks.
Implementation – The ConnectSource goal is to give every client the ideal implementation experience. ConnectSource was created for just that reason. We are committed to minimal inconvenience for our clients and our clients can expect our expertise to guide them throughout the process knowing when there are complications the means to address them to full satisfaction of clients.
Relationships – ConnectSource being formed by benefit experts, knows the payroll vendors and HRIS providers and the capabilities of each and their ability of inter-functionality with various benefit platforms. We know what works and what does not and how to bring solutions to our clients that engage rather than create conflict when put together. ConnectSource can provide client’s access to The Call Center. Staffed year-round, employees with coverage inquiries and claim questions can ask trained Benefit Specialists for help with their benefit needs no matter which technology platform is being used.
Connect Source Inc

Don’t Limit Your Clients to a Single Platform Solution

ConnectSource Solutions, Inc.
Provides support for Three Distinct Benefit Administration and HRIS Platform Solutions

Single point of contact for every implementation

Single billing for licensing, EDI and support

Consulting on proper platform solution choice

On-Site option for multi-platform solution demos

Effective solution for your client

ConnectSource will manage the following:

  • Client Demo
  • Implementation Meeting
  • Project Management
  • Data Management
  • On-Going Support
  • Carrier feeds and error reports
  • Renewal Management and Migration
Connect Source Inc


Connect Source Inc

Call Center

ConnectSource can provide client’s access to The Call Center.

Staffed year-round, employees with coverage inquiries and claim questions can ask trained Benefit Specialists for help with their benefit needs no matter which technology platform is being used.

Employee enrollment data is accessed through an online benefits management system and is available at the click of a button to Benefit Specialists who are trained in servicing employees.

Connect Source Inc

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